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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)

Anzahl 5x User CAL
System  Windows Server 
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Für die Lizenzierung einer Standard- bzw. Datacenter-Edition von Microsoft Windows Server 2019 wird neben Core-basierenden Serverlizenzen für jeden User auch eine Clientzugriffslizenz benötigt: z.B. die Windows Server 2019 User CAL; damit erhält der jeweilige registrierte Anwender die Zugriffsrechte für diesen Windows Server.

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Product information "MICROSOFT WINDOWS SERVER 2019 - 5 PACK USER CAL"

buy 5 User CALs for Microsoft Windows Server 2019 as used licenses

For licensing a standard or datacenter edition of Microsoft Windows Server 2019, in addition to core-based server licenses, a client access license is also required for each user: e.g. the Windows Server 2019 User CAL; this gives the respective registered user access rights for this Windows server.

The core licenses for the standard or data center edition of Windows 2019 Server do not contain any further user rights, so that these must be purchased separately as a User CAL, so that a specific user is only personally authorized to access the Windows Server via an end device - which, however, can be selected at will.

A used User CAL for Windows Server 2019 from Wiresoft not only has a lower price compared to other new client access licenses offered in the software trade, they are also available individually instead of in a bundle. However, used CALs have the same functionality as Windows Server 2019 User Client Access Licenses available through the official Microsoft Volume Licensing Program.

Get all the benefits of MS Windows Server 2019 with a User Pre-owned CAL

The standard or datacenter edition of Windows Server 2019 offers many new features, especially for the deployment of cloud-based applications based on Windows 10. For example, Software Defined Networking (SDN) enables not only the central configuration of physical network devices, such as routers and switches, but also that of virtual network devices - e.g. gateways - as well as their dynamic management. To this end, Windows Server 2019 allows the possibility of peering two networks to connect them almost seamlessly. Other features users can benefit from with a used User CAL include:

  • Secure encryption of virtual networks with Encrypted Networks and Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) available
  • New Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) features reduce complexity and simplify IT infrastructure deploymentV
  • Improved integration of Linux with Shielded VMs
  • Leverage Kubernetes containers
  • Advanced Threat Protection for sensitive data protection and early detection of attacks
  • Storage Spaces Direct for aggregating local server data stores into a virtual cluster
  • Storage Replica prevents data loss at the file system level and minimizes downtime with Disaster Preparedness

Important information about used User CALs for Windows Server Standard and Datacenter Edition 2019

Used software from Wiresoft such as the User CAL also has the same capabilities to take advantage of all the built-in features of the respective Windows Server 2019 edition: This offers especially smaller and medium-sized companies and organization an economical alternative for server licensing, as it can also be tailored to fit:

Windows Server 2019 CAL Licensing Info

Microsoft's licensing terms offer Windows Server 2019 licensing by cores/processor cores for the Standard and Datacenter editions, although this must be supplemented by user or endpoint licensing; any CALs included in the server license come with administrator rights only, so to use the actual Windows Server services, each dedicated user needs an access license (User CAL); this must also be the identical or higher Windows Server version - more on this below.

Only this personal client access license entitles a user to use the Windows Server features of the 2019 version; it contains pure access rights for the Windows Server 2019 client/server environment, and no other software that still needs to be installed.

What are the benefits of licensing Windows Server 2019 Standard or Datacenter edition with User CALs?

CAL licensing of Windows Server 2019 allows flexible and needs-based rights management of users. The use with used access licenses for users is a more economical way to use Windows Server services, especially for SMBs, because here client access licenses only have to be purchased for as many employees as are actually needed. The Microsoft licensing model offers two types of CALs for Windows Server 2019:

  • Windows Server 2019 User CAL: this gives a dedicated user server access rights
  • Windows Server 2019 User CAL: this gives server access rights to a dedicated end device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone)

User CALs can also be combined with device CALs.

Note version compatibility of CALs with Windows Server 2019!

A User CAL for Windows Server 2019 grants the user in question access rights not only to a Windows Server in version 2019, but also to older versions such as 2014 (downgrade). This offers an advantage over CALs that are decidedly only designed for a previous version of Windows Server 2019, as they cannot be used to access the Windows Server version 2019 (upgrade). Therefore, when purchasing User CALs for Windows Server 2019, care should be taken to ensure that the server license and client access license are compatible.

What else needs to be considered when licensing Windows Server 2019 with a used User CAL?

As already mentioned, only a specific registered employee receives the personal access rights for Windows Server 2019 with the User CAL, whereby it is important here that the respective Windows-capable end device can be freely selected. Once user registration has been completed, this can no longer be changed. In principle, it is also not possible to change the CAL type from User to Device CAL or vice versa. However, it is possible to combine User CALs with Device CALs for Windows Server 2019.

These provisions from Microsoft in CAL licensing are intended to prevent improper access to Windows Server 2019. In addition, they also provide security for an organization and its data by excluding unauthorized or third-party users from using the services.

How does the User CAL for Windows Server 2019 differ from the Device CAL?

In principle, a used User CAL for Windows Server 2019 does not differ in functionality from a Device-based Client Access License - called Device CAL. Their respective advantages are only evident in the typical way Windows Server is accessed in an organization:

A user access license for Windows Server 2019 is exclusively tied to a specific employee, but in doing so, it offers the free choice of end device to access the Windows Server, no matter where it is located. Compared to the end-device-related access license, the User CAL therefore offers a different scope of use, since the licensed user is unbound with regard to the computer or similar used - always provided that the end device used has access to the Internet. This means that the user can access the Windows Server not only from the stationary PC at the workplace in the company, but also externally: e.g. via a private laptop, tablet or smartphone - during a business trip or even in the home office.

User CALs for Windows Server 2019 therefore offer such employees a more flexible use of Windows Server functions, who frequently change their work environment and use a respective existing end device to connect to the server via it, because with the User CAL they always use their personal account for this purpose.


So, which type of client access license for Windows Server 2019 offers more advantages in use in a company differs from case to case. Here, the number of employees using Windows Server in relation to the predominant type of access via the existing end devices plays a role: as soon as the majority alternately uses mobile end devices or various standalone devices, and thus also different workstations to access Windows Server, the personal user CAL offers more advantages. As mentioned above, the decision for the appropriate type of client access licensing must be made before purchase, because the User CAL for Windows Server 2019 cannot be reclassified to a Device CAL or vice versa. However, it is possible to combine or use User CALs and Device CALs for Windows Server 2019 in parallel.

Used User CALs for Microsoft Windows Server 2019 available from a single license in the Wiresoft Online Shop

Used User CALs for MS Windows Server 2019 are available in the Wiresoft Online Shop already as a single user license - any Microsoft volume licensing provisions do not apply here. The marking as "used" does not mean any general disadvantages in the usability of User CALs, because software cannot wear out in principle.

About used User CALs for Windows Server 2019 from Wiresoft

The Used User CALs for Windows Server 2019 are typical access licenses for employees, as they are available elsewhere in the Microsoft licensing program; unlike these, they were once part of a User Volume License for Windows Server 2019 as Used Software, purchased by the previous buyer, usually a company. The user access licenses not required by the latter, or even the complete volume license, were resold to Wiresoft. In the process, the volume license was dissolved and converted into individual licenses, and the resulting individual user access licenses were then labeled as used software. Despite their labeling as "used", such User CALs for Windows Server 2019 are fully usable because they do not differ from a new license by any restriction in their functionality or their useful life.

Buyer safety of used software for User CALs for Windows Server 2019

Used User CALs for Windows Server are not only a cheaper alternative for Windows Server licensing for Wiresoft customers, but they are also secure! As a customer, you already get a single User CAL for Microsoft Windows Server 2019 from us at a reduced price compared to "unused" new CALs, you otherwise have the usual buyer security through the instant download and immediate license activation with the included volume license key.

Is it legal to buy and use used CALs for Windows Server 2019?

All user and other access licenses for Windows Server 2019 that you purchase from Wiresoft come from the license inventory of companies or organizations. Therefore, both the sale and the purchase are subject to the valid legislation that explicitly allows the trade of used software; various court rulings have clearly confirmed its legality.

For customers, therefore, the purchase of User CALs for Windows Server 2019 or any other client access licenses offered at Wiresoft as used software as well as their use provides legal security, as neither Wiresoft nor you as a customer violate any legal provisions. Moreover, used CALs from Wiresoft are also audit-proof due to the complete proof of all previous buyers!

Your Wiresoft advantages when buying used User CALs for Windows Server 2019

Summary: Used software from Wiresoft offers our customers an affordable alternative to many offerings from other software vendors, not only for User CALs for Windows Server 2019, but also for other access licenses.In addition, as already indicated, there are no restrictions on the minimum number of User CALs that must be purchased at the time of purchase, unlike inflexible tiering for client access licenses, so businesses and other customers can reduce their server licensing costs by being able to accurately license the actual usage of Windows Server services.

In Wiresoft's online store, you will find not only Used Software access licenses for User CALs, but also Device CALs for Windows Server 2019 - as well as licenses for other versions of Windows Server or other server software, including the respective access licenses. Thus, you can also supplement or update your existing software inventory with used licenses in other areas at low cost, and also avoid the acquisition costs for new hardware as well as compatibility problems due to non-uniform software versions.

In addition to CALs or server software, you will also find other Microsoft software products in the Wiresoft Software Shop - with all the advantages of Wiresoft used software. If you have any questions about User CALs for Windows Server 2019 or any other Microsoft product, please feel free to contact us via chat, email or phone.

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