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Windows 11 - das innovative Betriebssystem für höchste Ansprüche

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Windows 11 Enterprise - the most comprehensive Microsoft operating system for professional users With the new Windows 11 Enterprise, larger companies that place particularly high demands on the security of an operating system receive the...
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Windows 11 Pro – das neue Microsoft Betriebssystem für professionelle Anwender Mit dem neuen Windows 11 Pro erhalten vor allem Nutzer, die besonders hohe Ansprüche an ein Betriebssystem stellen, eine Vielzahl an Funktionen und...
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The most important features and innovations of Microsoft Windows 10

Compared to the previous version, the new Windows 10 offers a number of improvements and new functions that make working on the PC even more effective and easier. Users will also encounter some features that some of them might have missed in Windows 8.

These include, above all, the Start menu familiar from Windows 7, which the 10er version brings back in a similar form: The new Start menu lists the frequently used programs again, and the tiles of the apps that were previously on the start screen  can also be found there again. In contrast to Windows 8, these are opened again in windows.

New update system simplifies updating the software

The new Windows is now automatically updated and new features are automatically added, so that their installation can no longer be excluded. This is primarily to increase security, but also to simplify administration. At the same time, the compatibility of Windows 10 with third-party applications has been extended.

A single system for all platforms or end devices

The new Windows 10 operating system can now be used on all of a user's devices: from smartphones to tablets or game consoles and even VR glasses - and all devices can be linked together. This means that programs or games can continue to be used or played on a different device than at the beginning.

Voice assistant Cortana for use on the PC

The voice assistant Cortana, known from the video game console Xbox and Windows, can now also be used on the PC with Windows 10. Cortana reacts to the user's voice and understands text input. The voice assistant also enters appointments in the calendar, starts programs and supports the user in searching for files.

Microsoft Edge Browser replaces Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge is now the Standard for Windows 10, and offers a number of advantages over Internet Explorer: These include the ability to add notes or even drawings to individual web pages, which are helpful when revisiting them, as well as a read-only view in which the text of a web page is brought to the foreground, thus preventing you from being distracted by other elements such as images on the web page.

Better clarity through visual desktops

Windows 10 now offers the possibility to choose a different desktop for each task instead of opening many windows at the same time, which previously caused a certain confusion at work. By clicking on the Windows, all active desktops can also be displayed at the same time.

Only one Windows Store available on all end devices

The Windows Store now only needs to be set up once on any device to download apps or games or music or movies. The annoying multiple activation on tablet, smartphone or PC is thus eliminated.

IntegratedWindows Defender Antivirus

Windows Defender Antivirus version 10 offers comprehensive, integrated security features that are constantly updated. These include real-time protection against threats such as viruses and malware that are spread through email, apps, and the web. It takes advantage of the cloud, machine learning, and comprehensive behavioral analysis to protect endpoints from current and blended threats.

BuyWindows 10 Professional or Windows 10 Enterprise? 

Both versions of Windows 10 available at Wiresoft - Pro and Enterprise - are best suited for use by business or professional users. The difference between the two versions lies in the respective scope of functions and the provision of various additional services.

Windows 10 Pro - for small to medium-sized companies

Windows 10 Pro is the ideal edition for small and medium-sized businesses. Not only does it offer a user-friendly interface that provides a highly functional basis for a modern computer-supported workplace, but it also has all the tools a team needs to work together more efficiently and intelligently.

Compared to the Home Edition,Windows 10 Professional offers additional functions, such as the administration of end devices and apps and their integration into a server-based Windows. In addition, Pro supports the new Windows Update for Business: This feature enables security updates to be carried out even faster. Furthermore, the support of remote and mobile scenarios as well as cloud technologies enables efficient operation.

Key differences between Windows 10 Professional and Home

The new Windows 10 Professional version differs from the leaner home version in a number of features that focus on security and data protection, as well as features that make it easier for administrators in particular to manage networks and provide services and updates. Windows 10 Pro is also designed to adapt flexibly to the different hardware requirements of the respective end devices. Unlike Home, Pro offers the following additional important business functions, among others:

BitLocker for data and software encryption

BitLocker device encryption in Windows 10 Pro protects not only an internal Windows boot drive, but also external hard drives and USB sticks by encrypting the data and software installations on them. If a BitLocker-protected PC or tablet is lost or stolen, no one can access it. By logging in with the user ID, users can regain full access to all data at any time.

Better manage regular update installations

Windows 10 Pro gives users extended rights to install updates, which is especially appreciated by administrators. This allows the time of updates to be delayed up to 365 days, which has the advantage of skipping possible faulty software versions. This reduces interruptions or disruptions to work.

Remote Desktop Connection by default on Windows 10 Pro

The new Windows 10 Pro offers complete Remote Desktop Connection for the use of all functions and programs etc. far away from the office workplace in the company. Users who often work from home or on the road or at other locations have full access to their office computer with Remote Desktop Connection and thus to all the data they need for their projects.

Further functions with Windows 10 Professional

In addition, the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro version includes the ability to join the cloud-based Azure Active Directory directory and identity management service, Group Policy management features and Hyper-V client, which allows administrators to run multiple operating systems as Windows 10 virtual machines.

Windows 10 Enterprise - for medium to large enterprises

Windows 10 Enterprise is designed primarily for medium and large enterprises, which usually have a higher need for administrative services and enhanced security. Enterprise 10 therefore differs from the Pro version by some additional exclusive features. For example, Direct Access allows employees to access the corporate network securely and transparently while on the road; AppLocker allows administrators to prevent the installation or activation of unwanted software at any time. Other enterprise features include extensive device and app management with strong flexibility through OS deployment and update control.

The most important differences between Windows 10 Enterprise and Professional

While Windows 10 Pro already covers many features and services that small to mid-sized businesses appreciate, the Enterprise version offers an additional expansion of features that are especially beneficial for larger companies.

The topics of security and data protection are particularly important here.

For this reason, Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise has integrated security functions that both protect sensitive data and shield the internal network from external attacks. In addition, the Enterprise version 10 also offers access to Microsoft's Long Term Servicing Branch. Here, only security updates are installed, but no functions are updated. The following exclusive features are included in Windows 10 Enterprise:

Windows To Go Creator

Windows To Go in Enterprise 10 allows you to create your own Windows To Go workspace of the same name, which can be started from an external drive connected via USB. This allows Windows 10 to run on the PC regardless of the installed operating system. The Windows To Go workspace can use the same images or be managed in the same way as the PC at work.


AppLocker in Enterprise 10 Edition allows administrators to control exactly which applications and files individual users are allowed to run, such as scripts, app packages, Windows Installer and App Installer files and Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL).

This allows AppLocker to prevent certain applications from running, such as unlicensed software, or to authorize only certain users to use licensed software. This feature not only affects license-compliant use, but also rules for standardizing the use of apps.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection in Windows 10 Enterprise helps organizations not only detect blended threats, but also investigate and respond to them immediately for increased network security. ATP is used in conjunction with Microsoft's cloud service, where endpoint behavior sensors collect data on typical behavior that is analyzed using cloud security analysis using big data and machine learning to detect and interpret attacks and take appropriate defensive action.

System requirements for Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise

To install Windows 10, you need a device with a 1 GHz processor and 1 gigabyte of RAM for the 32-bit version or 2 gigabytes of RAM for 64-bi. Hard disk space should be 16 GB for 32-bit and 20 gigabytes for 64-bit. The graphics card should have a minimum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels or be a Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics card with WDDM driver.

Buy Microsoft Windows 10 editions at a reasonable price from Wiresoft

Wiresoft offers you the two Windows 10 versions Professional and Enterprise at a particularly favourable price. We offer you these Microsoft products exclusively as original licenses, which are Windows software unused by European companies, which has been checked by Wiresoft for authenticity and perfect functions. Many of our customers use our Microsoft product range. For questions about the Windows 10 version best suited for your needs, please contact us at any time:

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