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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)

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SQL Server 2022 Enterprise ist die umfassendste neue Version der zuverlässigen relationalen Datenplattform von Microsoft, die für Unternehmen und Organisationen alle erforderlichen Datenbank- sowie Analyse- und Reporting-Funktionen bereitstellt, die bei Warenwirtschafts- und CRM-Systemen sowie der Verwendung von ERP-Software zur Anwendung kommen. Für alle diese typischen Aufgabenbereiche stellt SQL Server 2022 Enterprise ein starkes, leistungsfähiges, Cloud-fähiges Relational Database Management System zur Verfügung, das sich durch seine Hochskalierbarkeit an wachsende Herausforderungen flexibel anpasst.

Für weitere Fragen zum Produkt steht Ihnen unserer Kundenservice zur Verfügung.


Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Enterprise

SQL Server 2022 Enterprise is the most comprehensive new version of the reliable relational data platform from Microsoft, which provides companies and organizations with all the necessary database as well as analysis and reporting functions that are used in enterprise resource planning and CRM systems and the use of ERP software. For all these typical tasks, SQL Server 2022 Enterprise provides a strong, powerful, Cloud-enabled Relational Database Management System that flexibly adapts to growing challenges through its high scalability.

The SQL Server 2022 Enterprise edition offers for this among other things, the high availability solution AlwaysOn as well as the employment of Big Data clusters including the supply of comprehensive communication interfaces, as well as comprehensive security and protection for data and their integrity and many further features, which make their comprehensive analysis and supply possible for applications also in the Cloud.

The new SQL Server 2022 Enterprise Edition announced by Microsoft can already be found as used software on offer at Wiresoft after the official release - with all its advantages in terms of scalability, high availability as well as performance and security - and at a significantly lower price than that of new software. Also the new SQL Server 2022 Enterprise edition is presumably only available as Core-based licensing in.

Detailed information about the features of SQL Server 2022 Enterprise known from the previous version as well as the applicable Microsoft licensing terms for SQL Server software is provided in the following overview.

SQL Server 2022 Enterprise - Overview of the most important functions

The new SQL Server 2022 Enterprise edition is again characterized by its high reliability and availability, as well as by the execution of queries in record time, the efficiency of which is further improved by the managed self-service data exploration and the interactive visualization of data. In doing so, SQL Server 2022 Enterprise again relies on proven features in scalability, high availability as well as query performance.

With SQL Server 2022 Enterprise, the processing of unstructured data sets is also possible, interfaces to databases such as Oracle as well as the integration of Java expand the application scope to meet all typical requirements of Big Data Management, including the extended security functions for the protection of sensitive data  

Through the integration of Java Runtime, Java code can also be used for the database management system in order to execute it compiled directly on the SQL Server. Secure Enclaves can be used to encrypt data from Client to the DBMS in such a way that it cannot be viewed even by database administrators.

SQL Server 2022 Enterprise - Scalability and High Availability

Regarding the scalability of SQL Server 2022 Enterprise is expected Pro instance or feature respectively the maximum of the operating system or memory and that of the SQL Server database engine at a maximum relational database size of 524 PB so far available, not only in computing capacity in general, but also in:

  • Analysis Services and Reporting Services
  • Memory for the buffer pool
  • Columnstore segment cache
  • Memory optimized data size

The scalability of the Relational Database Management System is available, among others, for:

  • Grouped or ungrouped columnstore indexes
  • In-memory OLTP, memory-optimized tempdb metadata, and for persistent memory support
  • Stretch Database
  • Service Broker for developing highly scalable applications with asynchronous communication. The Service Broker is designed as a framework, e.g. to send messages within a database or from one database to another, and also scalable.
  • Partitioning of tables and indices
  • Automatic optimization, batch mode for rowstore, delayed compilation of table variables, and inlining for user-defined scalar functions in intelligent databases

The high availability of the RDBMS is available among others:

  • Server Core-Support
  • Database mirroring
  • Backup compression and database snapshotting
  • Always On failover cluster instances and Always On availability as well as basic availability groups - with this high availability solution, together with the Windows cluster service, multiple secondary databases can also be maintained without the need for shared storage as with the failover cluster.
  • Failover-Server for disaster recovery, as well as optimized recovery of databases
  • Fast recovery of online sites and online files
  • Adding memory while the system is running

Furthermore, SQL Server 2022 Enterprise Edition again provides many features to improve performance, including:

  • Intelligent Query Processing for fast processing of large amounts of data
  • Intelligent Performance for accelerated execution of database operations
  • Lightweight Query Profiling Infrastructure enabled by default
  • Accelerated Database Recovery for faster database recovery e.g. after a reboot

In addition, Database Snapshot can be used to take a snapshot of the database to document its status for a report, and Last Query Plan Statistics can be used to view current query executions.

SQL Server 2022 Enterprise - Big Data Cluster

For comprehensive Big Data management, SQL Server 2022 Enterprise again provides powerful analysis tools, such as Intelligent Query Processing, for reliable, rapid processing of large amounts of data, including making it available to various enterprise applications. Big Data workloads can also be moved to SQL Server and external databases such as Oracle, Teradata, Mongo DB, HDFS as well as Azure Data Lake can be queried directly using the integrated connectors or SQL Server PolyBase.

Using Big Data clusters, scalable clusters of SQL Server-, Spark and HDFS containers can also be deployed with Kubernetes, with Transact-SQL parallel querying as well as writing and processing data is also possible, as well as performing AI and machine learning tasks in HDFS storage pools. With the scalable HDFS storage pool tool Data Lake, data from various external sources can be analyzed, combined with relational data and stored. Data Mart improves the performance of data analyses by horizontally scaling Big Data clusters, and in addition to AI tools, Spark, R, Python, Scala and Java, for example, can also be used.

Corresponding applications can be used both as containers and as apps in the form of web services that access the data stored in a Big Data cluster for this purpose.

SQL Server 2022 Enterprise - Security

The security of big data also plays an important role in processing and making it available in order to prevent unauthorized access, especially in the case of critical data. In SQL Server 2022 Enterprise, for example, these are protected with Always Encrypted, which encrypts them with secure enclaves in client applications, whereby the encryption keys are not passed on to a database engine (SQL database or SQL server). Thus, Always Encrypted distinguishes between users who own the data and can view it, and those who manage it but should not have access to it. Furthermore, Always Encrypted allows a database engine to process various queries on encrypted data while maintaining the confidentiality of the data.

SQL Server 2022 Enterprise - Licensing

It is expected that the new SQL Server 2022 Enterprise edition will again use the Core-licensing defined by Microsoft, in contrast to the past, where the cores did not play a role for licensing older SQL Server versions. With the current Core-based licensing the number of cores forms the starting point for the calculation of the license requirement. With the previous version of SQL Server 2022 Enterprise could be licensed here Pro Core -Lizenz in each case two cores. Presumably therefore also Core-licenses for SQL Server 2022 Enterprise are again available as 2-core packages.

According to the Microsoft license metric, the total license requirement for a Server results from its maximum number of cores contained, whereby each physical Core of a server requires its own license. Generally Microsoft sets as minimum Pro Server 8 licenses, whereby altogether thus the following conditions apply:

  • For 1 physical processor at least 8 cores are calculated.
  • For 1 physical Server at least 16 cores are calculated.

All physical and active cores are thus licensed according to these two conditions.

Furthermore, the previous scaling limits will probably apply again for SQL Server 2022 Enterprise. The maximum computing capacity that can be used by a single instance of SQL Server Enterprise is thereby:

  • SQL Server-database engine: less than 4 sockets or 24 cores
  • Analysis or Reporting Services: less than 4 sockets or 24 cores

The maximum amount of memory that can be used by a single instance of the SQL Server database engine has been limited to the following:

  • Buffer pool: 128 GB
  • Columnstore segment cache: 32 GB
  • Reporting Services: 64 GB
  • Analysis Services: 16 GB (tabular) resp. 32 GB (MOLAP)

If you have any questions or need more information about the current terms and conditions of your SQL Server licensing, please contact a Wiresoft representative.

SQL Server 2022 Enterprise - Hardware requirements 

In order to use Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Enterprise in a suitable hardware environment, it is expected to meet the following requirements - please note that as of October 2021, no official or possibly deviating information is available from Microsoft, so the actual minimum requirements may differ from those stated below. For more up-to-date information, please contact a Wiresoft representative.

  • Operating systems: at least Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019, or higher if necessary
  • Hard disk space: min. 6 GB - if necessary also higher depending on the installed SQL Server components
  • Working memory: min. 4 GB
  • Graphics: Super VGA graphics card with min. 800x600 pixel resolution
  • Processor type: x64 processor
  • Processor speed: min. 1.4 GHz - recommended: 2.0 GHz or higher

If you have any further questions about your purchase of Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Enterprise as used software or any other edition, as well as about older SQL Server versions and other Microsoft software, please feel free to contact us by e-mail, phone or chat. 

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