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Product information "MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2019 STANDARD 2-CORE"

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core

The SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core edition is currently the most up-to-date version of Microsoft's globally deployed reliable relational data platform; because it provides all the currently important database, reporting and analysis functions required in a modern company that uses, for example, enterprise resource planning systems, ERP software or CRM systems, etc. and must be able to rely on a powerful relational database management system (RDMS) that can meet all these requirements and is also cloud-enabled.

SQL Server Standard Edition 2-Core provides a basic data management and business intelligence database that enables small and medium-sized companies in particular to reliably run typical business applications. For this purpose, the Standard Edition offers various development tools that are intended for both local use and the cloud, and enables efficient database management by requiring minimal IT resources.

Highly scalable cloud services as well as Always Encrypted with secure enclaves and extensibility - including Java language integration - are among important integrated functionalities here. Comprehensive integration of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), with Apache Spark as well as other analytics tools fully supported by Microsoft, simplifies the management of your comprehensive data in the form of Big Data clusters in SQL Server 2019 Standard. Added to this is the use of containers for the entire data set in all processes - starting with development and ending with production.

Furthermore, this SQL Server edition allows you to break down data silos without having to move or replicate the data first. Database compatibility certification avoids application incompatibilities and allows you to update your SQL Server database not only locally, but also at the edge and in the cloud.

In terms of security and compliance, you also have integrated functions for classifying as well as protecting your data: SQL Server 2019 reliably monitors it and warns of suspicious activities.

Core-based licensing - described here - is also available for SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition, which is particularly attractive for larger companies or organizations with correspondingly more powerful servers and for which the server license/CAL variant is therefore not applicable.

At Wiresoft you will find the SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core Edition as fully functional used software at a significantly lower price compared to new software - offering all the known advantages in terms of functionality, performance and security. Detailed information on the new features of SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core as well as Microsoft's licensing terms for SQL Server software is provided in the following overview.

What's new in SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core? Comparison with the previous version of SQL Server 2019 Standard

Compared to its predecessor, the SQL Server 2019 Standard version is characterized not only by an expansion of functions and features and improved performance as well as better scalability, but also by the addition of a whole range of innovative functions - including new analysis tools that can also process and evaluate large volumes of data, as is typical for Big Data management, quickly and reliably so that they are comprehensively available for the respective company applications.

With SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core, you can now move your Big Data workloads into SQL Server - previously, only management on other Hadoop-based on-premises platforms was possible.

Similarly, external databases such as Oracle, Teradata, Mongo DB, HDFS as well as Azure Data Lake can now be queried using built-in connectors without having to physically move or replicate the data first.

Further, features such as intelligent query processing as well as accelerated database recovery are also available in SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core, providing a huge performance boost. More features are described in the overview below.

The innovative features of SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core at a glance

Among the particularly noteworthy features of SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core for comprehensive data processing, in addition to the clustering of data, is monitoring for its systematic collection during logging and measurements, as well as the intelligent processing of search queries. Big Data clusters in particular expand the use of data in many ways.

Data virtualization with Big Data Cluster

In particular, with the integration of Big Data clusters into SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core, a whole range of options are now available for using, analyzing and deploying large amounts of data:

  • Big Data Clusters enables the deployment of scalable clusters of SQL Server, Spark and HDFS containers based on Kubernetes. These also run in parallel so that data from Transact-SQL or Spark can be read, written as well as processed simultaneously.
  • SQL Server PolyBase allows querying data silos of external data sources without having to move or copy the data first.
  • Data Lakes in SQL Server 2019 Standard: The scalable HDFS storage pool can be used to store Big Data from various external sources. After storing them as Big Data clusters, the data can be analyzed and also combined with relational data.
  • Data Mart provides horizontal scaling of SQL Server Big Data clusters, improving performance for data analytics. This also allows data from multiple sources to be ingested via data pool nodes as a cache.
  • AI and machine learning tasks can now be run on SQL Server Big Data clusters in HDFS storage pools.
  • Spark and its integrated AI tools can be used with R, Python, Scala and Java, among others.
  • App deployment allows applications to be deployed to SQL Server Big Data clusters as containers and apps in the form of web services. In doing so, these can access data stored in the Big Data cluster.

Improved performance SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core

For the scalability and performance of certain functions as well as high availability, the following are some of the specifications that apply to SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core Edition:

  • Intelligent Database improves query performance with a number of database features, such as intelligent query processing, without requiring changes to applications. This includes delayed compilation of table variables as well as inlining of user-defined scalar functions and nested execution with table value functions.
  • Several in-memory database features with in-memory OLTP1, hybrid buffer pool and buffer pool extension, and persistent memory support and memory-optimized tempdb metadata - improve performance for mission-critical workloads.
  • Plus Higher scalability and performance withColumnstore, large object binaries in grouped columnstore indexes, in-memory database, and persistent memory support, Stretch Database, support for up to 50 instances, table and index partitioning, and data compression, parallel processing for partitioned tables and multiple filestream containers.
  • High availability with Server Core support, log shipping, database mirroring and snapshot, backup compression, Always on-failover cluster instances, failover server for disaster recovery, and enhanced database recovery and encrypted backup.
  • Always Encrypted not only protects sensitive customer data with secure enclaves, but also enables more complex operations to be performed on secure database columns. These also extend the trust boundary from client applications to the server side without SQL Server, operating system, databases, or a system administrator having access to them, making it possible to securely execute operations with sensitive data in plain text.
  • Row-levelsecurity , with dynamic data masking, transparent database encryption and extensible key management, as well as data classification and monitoring and user-defined roles.

SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core Edition Scaling Limits:

The following information applies primarily to the Standard edition.

The maximum compute capacity that can be used by a single instance of SQL Server 2019 Standard:

  • SQL Server database engine: less than 4 sockets or 24 cores
  • Analysis or Reporting Services: less than 4 sockets or 24 cores

Maximum memory that can be used by a single instance of the SQL Server database engine:

  • Buffer pool: 128 GB
  • Columnstore segment cache: 32 GB
  • Reporting Services: 64 GB
  • Analysis Services: 16 GB2 (tabular) or 32 GB (MOLAP)

Maximum relational database size for SQL Server 2019 in Standard edition:

  • 524 PB

SQL Server 2019 Standard licensing by server cores

Core licensing, introduced with Microsoft's 2016 server release, is optionally available for the SQL Server 2019 Standard edition. Compared to older versions, where the number of cores of a processor was irrelevant for licensing, a different licensing metric now applies here: for core-based licensing, the number of cores forms the basis for determining the license requirement with the corresponding 2-core packages. Two cores can thus be licensed with one core license, unlike in the past where only one license was required per processor.

The total license requirement for a server thus results from its maximum number of cores, whereby each physical core of a server requires its own license. Basically, 8 licenses are set as the minimum per server; Microsoft has therefore defined the following conditions here:

  • 1. Each physical processor is calculated with at least 8 cores.
  • 2. Each physical server is calculated with at least 16 cores.
  • 3. All physical and active cores are licensed according to conditions 1 and 2.
  • 4. Core licenses for SQL Server 2019 Standard are always available in packs of 2.

Software and hardware requirements for running SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-core

To use SQL Server 2019 Standard in an appropriate operating environment, the following software and hardware requirements must be met:

  • Supported operating systems: at least Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, 2012 R2
  • Hard disk space: at least 6 GB - depending on the SQL Server components installed in each case
  • Working memory: at least 4 GB
  • Graphics: Super VGA graphics card with 800x600 pixels minimum resolution
  • Processor type: x64 processor - AMD Opteron, AMD Athlon 64, Intel Xeon with Intel EM64T, Intel Pentium IV with EM64T
  • Processor speed: minimum 1.4 GHz - recommended: 2.0 GHz or faster

FAQs about Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core as Wiresoft used software

The used software for SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core offered at Wiresoft does not differ from a new server license in terms of its usability - also because software does not wear out. Typical questions about used SQL Server licenses are:

Where does the used SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core license come from?

The used SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core license software offered in the Wiresoft Shop comes from companies that usually purchased it new and resold it to Wiresoft. With the resale or offer in the Wiresoft Shop, this is marked as used software, but it can be used like a new license.

Is there buyer security for used SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core licenses?

Yes: Wiresoft used software for SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core offers customers the same advantages as when purchasing comparable new server software: buyer security through immediate download after completed purchase and immediate license activation with the supplied valid license key.

Is it legal to buy and use used SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core software?

Yes: At Wiresoft you can be confident that for customers not only the purchase of SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core as used software, but also its actual use does not violate any laws, because: This offered software comes from a company's licensed inventory. This is important because the valid case law not only allows trading with Microsoft used software, but also its use; these facts have already been confirmed several times by various court rulings.

What other advantages does used SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core software have?

Used software from Wiresoft has the economic advantage for our customers that it allows them to update their software inventories much more cheaply in order to be up to date. This is also reflected in the operating costs because used software from Wiresoft also offers audit security due to the complete verification of all buyers!

At Wiresoft, you will not only find the SQL Server 2019 Standard 2-Core edition as inexpensive used software, but also the Standard edition with Server/CAL licensing as well as other editions of SQL Server 2019, in addition to older versions of Microsoft SQL Server; the wide-ranging Wiresoft used software portfolio also includes many other Microsoft programs - with all the advantages mentioned. If you have any questions about your core-based licensing of SQL Server 2019 Standard or any other edition, please feel free to use our expert advice via chat or email or phone.

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