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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)

Anzahl 5x User CAL
System  SQL Server 
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Um alle Dienste und Funktionen SQL von Microsoft SQL Server 2019 in Anspruch nehmen zu können, benötigt ein Anwender eine entsprechende Clientzugriffslizenz – die SQL Server 2019 User CAL –, mit dieser kann er von einem beliebigen Endgerät darauf zugreifen. Die SQL 2019 Serverlizenz selbst enthält keine Nutzerrechte, so dass diese separat in Form einer CAL für User erworben werden müssen. Die 5 User CALs gewähren jeweils fünf registrierten Anwender die entsprechende Erlaubnis.

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Product information "MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2019 - 5 PACK USER CAL"

5x User CALs for SQL Server 2019 as used software

In order to use all services and functions SQL of Microsoft SQL Server 2019, a user needs a corresponding client access license - the SQL Server 2019 User CAL - with this he can access it from any end device. The SQL 2019 Server license itself does not include user rights, so these must be purchased separately in the form of a CAL for Users. The 5 User CALs each grant the appropriate permission to five registered users.

As used software, the SQL Server 2019 User CALs from Wiresoft offer the great advantage that they are already available individually and at a lower price than the comparable offers of the usual license providers. At the same time, they have the same functionalities as the User Client Access Licenses for SQL Server 2019 available under the official Microsoft Volume Licensing Program.

Get all the benefits of MS SQL Server 2019 with a pre-owned User CAL

SQL Server 2019 is the latest version of the Microsoft data platform from Microsoft, which provides a company with all the important database, reporting and analysis functions that a modern, powerful Relational Database Management System (RDMS) must offer, which is used, for example, for enterprise resource planning systems, ERP software as well as CRM systems.

Depending on the server edition, this includes not only the clustering (group assignment) of data, but also the monitoring for a systematic collection as well as the processing of targeted queries. Here, users with a SQL User CAL 2019 can take advantage of Intelligent Query Processing (IQP) for accelerated queries of larger data sets, as well as the Big Data Cluster feature with tools for machine learning models, as well as PolyBase for processing Transact-SQL queries from external data sources.

Other features include:

  • Always Encrypted for encrypting data from the client to the DBMS
  • Intelligent Query Processing (IQP) for optimizing queries of large data sets
  • Intelligent Performance, which provides accelerated execution speed for database operations
  • Database Snapshots for documenting potential discrepancies
  • Last Query Plan Statistics for up-to-date views of query execution plans
  • an enhanced Lightweight Query Profiling Infrastructure, and
  • Accelerated Database Recovery for accelerated database recovery after a restart or transaction rollback

User CALs for SQL Server 2019 Standard edition

With a used software User CAL from Wiresoft, you can take advantage of the functionality of SQL Server 2019 Standard-Edition: This is designed for small to medium-sized companies and offers the licensing option per Server/CAL, which requires a corresponding number of access licenses (Client Access Licenses) for users in addition to the server license.

Licensing model for SQL Server 2019 via server licenses and CALs

Licensing per server plus User CALs is based on the usual requirements specified by Microsoft: Each server running a SQL Server instance requires a Standard server license. In addition, each dedicated user accessing the licensed SQL Server requires a corresponding access license (User CAL) of the same or a newer server version. Therefore, this licensing model is also referred to as Server/CAL licensing.

Microsoft license management thus differentiates between the licensing of the servers and that of the individual users. The latter are only authorized to use the SQL Server functions through the User CAL. This Client Access License exclusively contains access rights in a client/server environment without the need to install any software. The User Client Access Licenses govern the usage rights for SQL Server 2019, in addition to the access rights to the licensed server, they also contain the associated services.

Note version compatibility for User CALs for SQL Server 2019

Thereby, with a User CAL for SQL Server 2019, access to SQL Server 2017 or an older version is also possible (downgrade). However, the reverse scenario of using a User CAL of an older SQL Server version such as 2017 to access a higher SQL Server version such as 2019 (upgrade) is not possible.

Why is CAL-based usage available for SQL Server 2019 Standard edition?

Only for the Standard-Edition of SQL Server 2019, Microsoft also offers CAL-based licensing for users (or endpoints). This allows even those users to use the SQL Server features whose server has a lower performance, as is the case, for example, especially in SMBs, where this is quite sufficient. Licensing with access-based licenses for users is a more economical way for such companies to use SQL Server, since they only have to buy exactly as many user client access licenses as they actually need. The Microsoft licensing model offers two different types of CALs for SQL Server 2019 use:

  • SQL Server 2019 User CAL: this equips a dedicated user with access rights
  • SQL Server 2019 Device CAL: this gives access rights to a dedicated end device (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile)

What are the special features of licensing with User CALs for SQL Server 2019?

The User Client Access License is a single license that gives specific users access rights to SQL Server 2019. In this case, it is not possible to change the user specified first afterwards, nor to change the type of assignment. These restrictions provide greater security and prevent misuse of the CALs, so that, for example, no unauthorized employees or strangers can access business-critical data of a company.

What are the benefits of the User CAL for SQL Server 2019?

The User License for SQL Server 2019 is not tied to a specific end device, but exclusively to a specific person. Thus, the User CAL for SQL Server 2019 only registers a single user by name. It thus grants this user the right to access the SQL Server, whereby the choice of the end device via which the access takes place in each case is free, but this can only ever happen from a single PC or similar at the same time.

Compared to the other client access license version, the device-dependent CAL, the User CAL therefore has the advantage that the use is not locally bound. As long as the end device used by the licensed user has access to the Internet, the user can access the SQL Server not only within the company, e.g. at the workplace, but also outside - e.g. with a laptop, tablet or smartphone - on the train, on a business trip or at homeOffice.

The User CAL for SQL Server therefore offers flexible and mobile use of SQL Server functions, especially for users who frequently work from different locations and regularly connect to the server, because with the User CAL they always use their personal account.


Which type of CALs for SQL Server 2019 offers more benefits in a particular organization may differ on a case-by-case basis. The decision for the right client access licensing must be made before the purchase, because a SQL Server User CAL cannot be changed into a Device CAL or vice versa.

It is not only based on the number of employees, but also on the predominant type of use of the end devices: If the majority of employees regularly use different computers, not only internally but also externally as well as mobile or at different workstations to access SQL Server, equipping them with User CALs offers more advantages.

Buy User CALs for Microsoft SQL Server 2019 starting from a single license in the Wiresoft Online Shop

User CALs for SQL Server 2019 are available in the Wiresoft Online Shop for as little as one single license - as used software, they offer a significantly lower price, whereby the used condition offers no disadvantages in terms of usability.

What are User CALs for SQL Server 2019 as used software?

The User CALs for SQL Server 2019 offered in Wiresoft's online shop are regular access licenses from the Microsoft licensing program; as part of a volume license for users of SQL Server 2019, they were first purchased by a company that resold the unneeded user access licenses or the entire volume license to Wiresoft. The volume license was broken down into individual licenses and the User CALs were marked as used software. However, this does not imply any general wear and tear of the SQL Server User CAL software, nor any other restriction with regard to its functionality or time limitation.

What security do User CALs for SQL Server 2019 offer as used software?

Buying used SQL Server User CALs from Wiresoft is not only affordable for our customers, but also secure! Not only do you get the Single User CAL for Microsoft SQL Server 2019 at a lower price than comparable new software, but you also have buyer security with the instant download plus license activation with the included volume license key:

All User CALs for SQL Server 2019 offered at Wiresoft come from the license inventory of companies located in the European Union. For you as a customer, the purchase of a User CAL for SQL Server 2019 - or any other Microsoft client access license offered at Wiresoft as used software - as well as its use means legal security, because it does not violate any valid regulations, which has also been clearly confirmed again and again by various court rulings. Due to the complete proof of the purchaser, used software from Wiresoft is also audit-proof!

Your advantages with used software from User CALs for SQL Server 2019

Wiresoft's offer of User CALs for SQL Server 2019 or other client access licenses as used software is not only a mostly low-priced alternative to comparable commercially available offers, but also offers our customers free choice in purchasing the exact number of User CALs needed to license the services for SQL Server, which lowers the cost of licensing.

With the wide range of CALs as Used Software in Wiresoft's online store, you also have the option to purchase Device CALs for SQL Server 2019 as well as Access Licenses for older or newer versions of MS SQL Server in addition to User CALs. By purchasing CALs for older SQL Server versions, you avoid the need to purchase new hardware or frequent compatibility problems. Benefit from the wide range of used software of different CAL versions for SQL Server at Wiresoft!

In the Wiresoft Software Shop you will find User and Device CALs for SQL Server 2019 as well as other Microsoft client access licenses or server programs - at low prices as used software incl. immediate download and activation. If you have any questions about User CALs for SQL Server 2019 or any other Microsoft product, please contact us via chat, email or phone.

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