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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)

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The Office 2016 Standard edition is designed to handle all the typical tasks of modern everyday business - and much more: Many practical, intuitive tools facilitate the use of the individual programs, which accelerates the completion of projects. The Office 2016 Standard edition in particular offers a significant plus in application possibilities compared to other editions thanks to the integration of the DTP program Publisher 2016 - this means that a wide range of publications can be professionally created for all target groups: from business mailings to more extensive advertising catalogs.

For further questions about the product, please contact our customer service.

Product information "MICROSOFT OFFICE 2016 STANDARD"

Microsoft Office 2016 Standard - for the modern organization of office and business

The Office 2016 Standard edition is designed to handle all the typical tasks of modern everyday business - and much more: Many practical, intuitive tools make it easier to use the individual programs, which speeds up the completion of projects. The Office 2016 Standard edition in particular offers a significant plus in application possibilities compared to other editions thanks to the integration of the DTP program Publisher 2016 - this means that a wide range of publications can be professionally created for all target groups: from business mailings to more extensive advertising catalogs.

All programs included in Office 2016 Standard:

  • Word 2016 - text editing for office and private communication
  • Excel 2016 - accounting, statistics, calculations
  • PowerPoint 2016 - create presentations and lectures
  • Outlook 2016 - e-mail communication, calendar, appointment and task planning
  • OneNote 2016 - create notes, collect and document ideas
  • Publisher 2016 - design print media and prepare them ready for printing

Office 2016 Standard of course again offers a whole range of general useful features:

  • The intelligent assistants "Insights", a search tool that links Office programs directly to Bing Search, and "Tell Me", for finding functions more quickly, support professionals and inexperienced users alike in editing documents.
  • Users are connected in the cloud via OneDrive and SharePoint. Comprehensive features also make sharing data particularly flexible, so Office 2016 further optimizes collaboration on Office documents and their delivery in real time.
  • New Office themes are also available for this edition, as well as the others: "Dark Gray" mode has particularly strong contrasts, while the "Colorful" design displays programs in a modern look.

Microsoft Office 2016 Standard Edition is not available in regular stores for individual customers, but only as a volume license, as used in larger companies. At Wiresoft, on the other hand, private users as well as self-employed persons and SMEs can also buy the Office edition Standard 2016. This differs from the popular Home & Student and Home & Business editions in that it includes the Publisher layout program.

The purchase of a 2016 edition also has the particular advantage that it is supported by older Microsoft operating systems from Windows 7 onwards - an important, decisive feature for buyers who continue to use this or a successor version. In addition to the 2016 version of Office 2016 Standard, you can also purchase the Professional Pro edition (no subscription!) in the Wiresoft online store. The following overview provides a detailed presentation of all individual programs included in Office 2016 Standard.

General new features in Office 2016 Standard

Office 2016 Standard includes some new features in the Standard-programs, which are supposed to help users with their work in a meaningful way:

  • "Sie wünschen" (Tell Me) is an operating assistant (German: "You wish") that has the shape of a light bulb as its icon. When a user is looking for a function, he or she types briefly into the input field what he or she wants to do, and Tell Me shows where and how to do it, or offers further support.
  • Insights is also a wizard that can be used to obtain matching search results for terms that appear in an Office document, for example, via the Bing-supported Intelligent Search, which is displayed in the side area of the Office window.
  • Simplified sharing makes it easier to share Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents and assign individual rights to recipients.
  • The Version History feature also displays and makes available older versions of a document for Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • The integration of OneDrive allows users to access Office documents from anywhere and from any end device if they are stored there.
  • The Data Loss Protection (DLP) feature is available through SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents to centrally create policies for the use and sharing of sensitive data. As soon as a security risk is identified, the user in question receives a notification.

Program-specific individual functions in Office 2016 Standard

The individual programs included in Office 2016 Standard Edition also offer a whole range of improvements and new functions:

New Word features in Office 2016 Standard

The Word program included in Office 2016 Standard contains optimizations of existing functions as well as some new tools. These make collaborative work on Word documents in particular even more efficient - whether in the office or online in the cloud. In addition, however, there are even more templates in Word 2016 as well as the particularly practical function of opening a PDF document directly in the program:

  • Open PDF directly in Word: When opening a PDF with Word 2016, not only the formatting including fonts is applied, but also images and graphics. These can be edited directly with the tools integrated in Word. Afterwards, this Word document can also be saved again in PDF format.
  • New options for WordArt shapes: Word 2016 includes even more options for WordArt shapes to customize documents with - for example, texts can be freely transformed to fit the shape of a graphic element, etc.
  • Improved real-time input: The "real-time input" tool makes simultaneous team collaboration on a Word document even more efficient and at the same time clearer: If a specific user makes changes in a Word text while other employees also have it open, they can not only follow the actions but also correct them if necessary.
  • Improved comment function: In addition to displaying changes in real time, the optimized comment function in Word displays the comments of each employee in such a way that other users can respond to them directly in the same comment field. Thus, all contributions are centrally integrated in the same Word document, so that users do not have to write e-mails about them.
  • Pinned folder: Each Word document can be visibly pinned as a jump list (jumplist) to the folder in which it was filed. This way, all employees can immediately access it as well as all other documents contained there.

New functions in Excel 2016 for Office Standard

One of the recommended functions in Excel 2016 is the suggestion of the most suitable chart type for the respective calculation operation. Users simply select the relevant data with the mouse and the program creates a selection of suitable charts based on the real data as a live preview.

In addition, several new chart types are available to illustrate certain calculations even more clearly:

  • The waterfall chart is a type of column chart that can be used to show positive and negative changes of a certain value.
  • The Histogram is suitable for displaying frequency distributions of certain classes.
  • The Treemap type vividly displays magnitude ratios in a hierarchical structure.
  • The Pareto chart belongs to the histograms and is used to visualize values absolutely as well as relatively in the form of columns.
  • The Sunburst chart is primarily used to arrange hierarchical data in the form of concentric rings in order to show relationships between them.
  • The box chart - also known as boxplot or box & whiskers - displays statistical evaluations in the form of quartiles and medians.

In addition, Excel in Office 2016 Standard offers some new calculation types such as the PROGNOSE.ETS function, which now also generates short-term alternative future forecasts including best & worst cases. Interactive charts in pivot tables offer with the newly integrated Business Intelligence functions, among others, drill-down navigation as known from Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). The new LET function improves computing performance and combinability in Excel 2016: within a formula, it can be used to name individual ranges. The new view filter allows you to hide other collaborators' sorts and filters in a worksheet and show only your own.

PowerPoint functions in Office 2016 Standard

The 2016 version of PowerPoint expands options in presentation slide design with new tools, animations, and graphics, as well as options in time management:

  • The integrated PowerPoint Designer makes various design suggestions when inserting a graphic or illustration into a slide, which can be applied immediately with a click.
  • The new PowerPoint Morph function allows you to create animated transitions between two presentation slides. Morphing works with images and graphics or 3D shapes, but also with words and texts.
  • The brush tool is used to clearly highlight individual elements such as terms, but also graphics in a presentation on a slide by highlighting them in color. The highlighting is only done in the presentation mode, the PowerPoint document itself is not changed.
  • With time tracking , presenters can get an even better grip on time management during a presentation: It always shows the available time, so that the time frame is adhered to despite any delays.
  • The sharing feature makes it even easier to publish a presentation via social media channels such as Facebook, among others.
  • The presentation service can be used with a Microsoft account to make a live presentation available to other interested parties via a browser as well.

Practical new Outlook features in Office 2016 Standard

Outlook 2016 has several new features that primarily help users efficiently manage the daily flood of emails, as well as to find content, contacts and documents even faster; sending file attachments is also now even easier and faster:

  • The Clutter function separates important from unimportant e-mails already in the inbox and sorts the latter into a separate junk e-mail folder; it also disables all potentially dangerous content, such as unsafe links or malware. Clutter also recognizes a user's behavior, such as which emails are read first, which are read later, and which are ignored completely, and thus continuously improves the sorting criteria.
  • Via a virtual search folder , e-mails or persons and contacts are first filtered according to a predefined search criterion and then displayed collectively in it.
  • After entering a name or clicking in the "To" field of a new e-mail, the address book suggests corresponding contacts from the address book, but also those with whom the sender of the message communicates frequently.
  • Attachments can be found and also sent even faster, because Outlook 2016 shows a list of all files which were used last when clicking on "Attach file". The attachments contain a drop-down menu with functions for immediate opening, copying, saving or deleting with a click.
  • Via OneDrive and SharePoint , files stored there can be sent as a link. This significantly reduces the amount of data in an email box.

Note-taking program OneNote in Office 2016 Standard

Last, but not least, Office 2016 Standard also includes OneNote, the popular digital notebook that can be used almost anywhere thanks to its versatility and especially on

Smartphones and tablets to take, edit and share notes from anywhere.

  • Ideas and tasks can be spontaneously recorded with OneNote and synchronized on all end devices.
  • This includes images, video files and texts. The integrated text and speech recognition makes it possible to search texts in images (e.g. screenshots) and voice files for keywords.
  • OneNote integrates with various Office programs, making it easy to take notes there.
  • Notes can also be entered by hand on touch-enabled devices.
  • Notes can also be linked to each other, with content from Internet sources automatically linked.
  • Notebooks can be stored on OneDrive and shared with other users.

Publisher 2016 available in Office 2016 Standard

Publisher is the handy Office program for creating a variety of media for online or print. This publishing software is a special part of MS Office 2016 Standard and is not included in Home & Student or Home & Business.

The user-friendly interface offers a clear arrangement of all important functions. The intuitively usable tools support both inexperienced and professionals in the layout of demanding documents as well as in image editing to achieve optimal results. Text and images can be visually modified with image effects such as shadows, luminescence, 3D and reflections. A separate column in the design area is available for editing multiple images. These can then be exchanged intuitively using drag & drop. And especially for digital printing with an online photo service, documents created in Publisher can also be saved in JPG format.

Important functions and features of Publisher 2016 are:

  • Design templates in common formats are displayed for all document types as soon as Publisher is opened: for private use, templates are available for A4 flyers and letters, etc.; for commercial use, templates are also available for multi-page brochures and more extensive catalogs. All elements predefined in a template, such as headlines, page numbers, boxes, but also colors, fonts and formatting, can be customized and saved as a new template so that they are available again for similar publications.
  • The integrated building blocks - such as headlines, text frames and columns, etc. - can also either be adopted or adapted so that a uniform design is available for all publications.
  • The scalable SVG vector graphics included in Publisher, as well as the available 3D objects , can be enlarged or rotated 360 degrees as desired, while always retaining their sharpness.
  • Using the drag & drop function, images and graphics can be imported into a Publisher document not only from a folder or the Microsoft ClipArt library, but also from the Internet or an online photo album via Bing image search.
  • The ruler function allows millimeter-precise placement in the document.
  • The text field tool is a practical aid, especially for multi-page publications; as soon as a longer text is inserted into a text frame, an ellipsis indicates if there is more text but it is not visible. By linking individual text fields, the inserted text is automatically distributed among them.

System requirements for Office 2016 Standard:

MS Office Standard is available in a 32-bit and a 64-bit version. The 64-bit version is normally installed automatically - on a 32-bit operating system with x86 processor only the 32-bit version can be installed. Depending upon it individual hardware requirements deviate thereby from each other - in particular with the work and non removable disk memory. The following minimum requirements must be observed:

  • Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2012/ 2012 R2 /2016 /2019 /2022
  • Processor: x86 or x64 bit processor with at least 1 GHz and SSE2
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM (32-bit), 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
  • Hard disk space: at least 3.0 GB
  • Display: min. 1,024 x 768 resolution
  • Graphics card: at least DirectX 10 graphics card for graphics hardware acceleration

Buy MS Office 2016 Standard cheap at Wiresoft in the online store

The edition MS Office 2016 Standard is not available in the usual trade, but only as a volume license for companies. In the Wiresoft online store, the Office 2016 Standard software is also available individually, as a purchase version and without obligations as in the case of a subscription with software updates; therefore, when purchasing through Wiresoft, only the one-time costs are incurred. You purchase the full version of the program, with identical scope of programs and features as the volume license offers, the only difference is that this Office 2016 Standard package is a single license that is used exclusively by you.

Secure software purchase with Wiresoft: Buying Office 2016 Standard or any other Office 2016 edition from Wiresoft is not only particularly cheap and convenient, but also secure: This Office 2016 Standard software is a single-user license that was part of a larger volume license, as it can usually only be purchased and used by larger companies. When purchasing a volume license, these companies also have the right to resell surplus software licenses - e.g. to Wiresoft. It does not matter whether these licenses have not been used or whether the Office software in question has been replaced by a newer program version or is no longer supported in a company due to a general adaptation of the hardware or an update of the operating system. Through the sale, the volume license can be dissolved and converted into individual licenses - these are then referred to as used software. The splitting into individual licenses has no effect on the scope of the programs or their functionality, a software is also not subject to wear and tear through use.

Wiresoft only sells full versions of MS Office Standard or other Microsoft programs that are identical to the original Microsoft versions or editions; these also only come from legal sources of first-time buyers located in Europe.

Therefore, when you buy Office 2016 Standard as used software from Wiresoft Software Shop, you do not run any legal risk, because trading in used software is expressly permitted by law, which has also been confirmed by numerous verdicts.

This Office 2016 Standard software can be installed on your PC immediately after the purchase process is complete and the download is complete, and can be activated with the volume license key - Multi-Activation-Key (MAK) - supplied with the purchase and used without any time or other restrictions.

The software purchase of Microsoft Office packages is an economical way for Wiresoft customers to buy such normally unavailable programs at a particularly low price. Therefore, especially self-employed and private users, but also SMEs benefit from our low-priced software offer: with Wiresoft they not only get all the exclusive advantages of Office 2016 Standard Edition, but also save money on the purchase!

In the Wiresoft Software Shop you can find Office 2016 Standard Edition as well as other editions and versions and other Office programs as a purchase version. If you have any questions about Office 2016 Standard or any other Microsoft Office 2016 edition, just use our competent advice by e-mail, phone or chat.

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