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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)

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Excel 2016, the classic program for the creation of complex calculations, offers again in the current version a lot of functions and tools to facilitate the daily work with numbers and tables and to be able to perform even complex calculations. New features include One-Click Forecasting for determining and displaying trends, an enhanced Power Query for including data sources such as SAP Objects, Hadoop or Salesforce, and improved PowerPivot functions for analyzing data even faster. Microsoft Business

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Product information "MICROSOFT EXCEL 2016"

Microsoft Excel 2016 - the efficient single User calculation program

Excel 2016, the classic Microsoft program for creating complex calculations, once again offers in its current version a whole host of functions and tools to make daily work with figures and tables easier and to enable even complex calculations to be performed. New features include One-Click Forecasting for determining and displaying trends, an enhanced Power Query for including data sources such as SAP Business Objects, Hadoop or Salesforce, and improved PowerPivot functions for analyzing data even faster.

Furthermore, Excel 2016 has also been optimized for collaborative work on documents and their provision in real time. Through the integration of OneDrive and SharePoint, users can edit Excel files together in the Cloud, whether in the office, at home or on the road: with a click, these are immediately transferred to the Cloud, including individual release or usage rights, to protect sensitive data even in the network.

In addition, intelligent assistants such as "Insights", which links Excel with the Microsoft Bing search, and "Tell Me", which supports User in selecting suitable functions for editing documents, make working with Excel 2016 even easier.

In addition, new Office designs are also available for Excel 2016: "Dark Gray" has particularly strong contrasts, while the "Colored" design offers a modern look.

The improved touch operation also makes it much easier to use Excel on corresponding end devices.

Microsoft Excel 2016 is available outside the Office suite as a low-priced single license in the Wiresoft software store. The following overview shows you what the proven costing software offers a user when purchased.

New functions in Excel 2016

Excel 2016 includes the following enhancements to existing functions as well as completely new tools, among others:

  • PROGNOSE.ETS: In previous Excel versions, only linear forecasts could be created until now. With the new PROGNOSE.ETS function, it is now possible to generate short-term alternative future forecasts (incl. best & worst cases) based on exponential smoothing (ETS) algorithms and make them available in the form of a forecast sheet.
  • Interactive charts in pivot tables: Especially for complex pivot tables, the newly integrated Business Intelligence functions enable a better overview during calculations. In addition to the option of grouping temporal values by quarters or months, these also include the drill-down navigation familiar from Online Analytical Processing (OLAP).
  • LET function: In Excel 2016, this function simultaneously improves computing performance and increases readability and combinability by allowing individual ranges within a formula to be named.
  • View filter: Using the new filter view, it is possible to hide all sorting and filters of other employees during joint work in order to improve one's own clarity of a Excel file.

In addition, these formulas are also available in Excel 2016:

  • FIRST VALUE: This formula behaves similarly to SVERWEIS, but unlike the latter, it no longer requires a reference list.
  • TEXT CHAINS concatenatesnumbers or texts to a text, the separator can be defined in the formula. Compared to CHAIN, empty cells can be ignored and line breaks can be anchored directly in the formula.
  • TEXT CHAIN: replaces the previous function CHAIN.
  • WHEN makes nested WHEN formulas superfluous. It is now sufficient to string all conditions together.
  • MAXWENNS is used to determine the maximum value from a series of numbers under certain conditions.
  • MINWENNS performs corresponding calculations for minimum values.

New diagram types in Excel 2016

In Excel 2016, six new diagram types integrated in Office are now also available to illustrate various calculations clearly. These are the following diagrams:

  • Waterfall: this bar chart can be used to transparently show how an initial value continues to change through various positive and negative values.
  • Histogram: This type is used to show the frequency distribution of certain classes. In order to use it with the new Excel 2016, it is sufficient to mark the corresponding data sets so that a histogram is automatically deposited with classes.
  • Treemap: A treemap diagram can be used to clearly display proportions in a hierarchical structure.
  • Pareto: The Pareto chart is an extended histogram to show the absolute value as well as the relative proportion. On the one hand, the columns are arranged according to size and, on the other hand, the respective percentage share of a total value is represented by a second axis.
  • Sunburst: The sunburst diagram visualizes hierarchical data in the form of concentric rings. It shows relationships between hierarchies, which are represented by corresponding distributions on the rings.
  • Boxplot: Also called boxplot or box & whiskers, it is mainly used to visualize statistical evaluations in the form of quartiles, the medians as well as "outliers".

Support in selecting the most suitable chart type for a calculation is provided by the "Recommended Charts" feature included in Excel 2016. To use it, simply select the data in question with the mouse and you will receive a selection of matching suggestions as a live preview with real data.

New cross-program individual functions in Office 2016

Also included in Excel 2016 are a number of other handy tools as well as wizards that are also available in other programs in the Office suite 2016 to help User work efficiently across all applications as well.

"Insights" Wizard

The "Intelligent Lookup" wizard - "Insights" in English - is available to users directly in Excel 2016 to get an explanation or additional information on terms or statements contained in a table. Instead of switching to the Internet to search for matching search results, all that is needed is to highlight a specific term with the mouse - a click activates the Bing-supported Intelligent Search directly in Excel and "Insights" displays the search results sideways in the Excel window.

"Tell Me" Assistant

This assistant - German: "Sie wünschen" - in the Excel menu band supports in particular User without greater prior knowledge in the execution of functions. Recognizable by its icon in the form of a light bulb, it makes it easier to use Excel 2016: to do this, the wizard provides a search field that is activated by simply typing in one or more terms there that indicate what the user wants to do in a Excel document. "Tell Me" shows where the corresponding function is located in the ribbon and, if necessary, offers further support to perform the action in question. This makes it easier for beginners or novices in particular to use Excel.

Freehand form input

The freehand formula input is a practical function, especially for Excel 2016, with which mathematical formulas can be inserted directly into a document. Using the mouse or touch input, these are first created freehand and incorporated directly as text in a workbook.

Easier sharing of Excel documents

Excel-Tables and can be shared even faster and easier with other users in the 2016 version of Excel: The "Share" function included in the ribbon offers a number of options for the respective document for this purpose: With a click, the individual addressees can be determined as well as individual rights can also be assigned: to read or also to edit, etc.

"Version History" for more efficient collaboration in Excel

Due to the possibility of working together simultaneously on a Excel document - as is often the case in Cloud, for example - it is often difficult to keep track of which participant is currently making which changes, and also when. For this purpose, the "Version History" function provides the version history for each document, in which older editing states are not only displayed, but also made available again for re-editing.

Using OneDrive in Excel 2016

OneDrive, the versatile cloud storage from Microsoft for web-based file sharing, can now also be used in Excel 2016. By integrating OneDrive, users can store Excel documents there so that they now remain available from anywhere and also from any device. OneDrive also enables local independent collaboration on Excel files.

Data Loss Protection in Excel 2016

By integrating Microsoft Data Loss Protection (DLP), its features can also be used in Excel documents to prevent data loss and protect sensitive data. In particular, administrators use DLP to set policies for the creation and sharing of content that contains sensitive information worthy of protection, so that and when a potential security risk is detected, users are notified or even prevented from sharing. DLP Services is available in Excel 2016 via SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

System requirements for Excel 2016:

Like the corresponding Office version, MS Excel is available in a 32-bit and a 64-bit version; individual hardware requirements, e.g. for RAM, may differ as a result:

  • Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2012/ 2012 R2 /2016 /2019 /2022
  • Processor: x64 or x86 bit processor with at least 1 GHz and SSE2
  • Memory: at least 1 GB RAM (32-bit version), 2 GB RAM (64-bit version)
  • Hard disk space: min. 3.0 GB free space
  • Display: min. 1024 x 768 resolution
  • Graphics card: DirectX 10 graphics card for graphics hardware acceleration

Excel buy 2016 as a single program in the single User version at Wiresoft

When you buy Excel 2016, you benefit from all these advantages in addition to the fabulously low price of Used Software with Wiresoft: MS Excel is always part of a Microsoft Office package, so it is usually not readily available as a standalone program. However, Excel 2016 as well as other program versions can be purchased from Wiresoft online store as a single Office application - unlike many other vendors where Microsoft software is only available in the official purchase versions as part of a suite.

The Excel version 2016 offered at Wiresoft is a purchase license, which does not require you to sign a subscription commitment that obliges you to download expensive updates, nor does it impose a time limit on its usage. Therefore, when you purchase Excel 2016 as a standalone software program, you will benefit in the long run, even in the future. Thus, the purchase of this Excel 2016 single-user license is an inexpensive and economical solution especially for such user groups who want to use all the advantages of the proven spreadsheet software, but do not need another Office program. Especially freelancers and smaller companies, but also private users benefit from our software offer.

The software Wiresoft Excel 2016 Single User license is identical to the Excel software, which is included in the corresponding 2016 Office Suite from Microsoft. Not only Excel 2016, but also all other software licenses offered in the Wiresoft software store are exclusively original Microsoft products. The individual Office programs can be purchased here as a single User full version. These were usually already used by a previous owner, or originate from larger volume licenses of a company. Any previous installation of such a previously used program or the associated license was deleted again with the sale to Wiresoft, so that Excel 2016 or a corresponding other Office-program is 100% usable again and can therefore be reinstalled without further ado.

Thus you do not have any disadvantages regarding the rights of use or their usability when buying such from Used Software. Because the acquisition of such software products with Wiresoft is completely legal, after successful payment these can be downloaded by you immediately and be used without restriction. For your safety, each Excel license has been previously tested by Wiresoft for its actual usability. Also Wiresoft as a serious software dealer does not offer software, which is usable only for a limited time, or such test versions, which are usable in the function range only limited, and/or contain licenses, which are used also by third.

If you have any questions regarding Excel 2016 or the purchase of any other MS Office software, you will benefit from our competent advice via e-mail, telephone as well as chat.

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