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Microsoft Excel 2019 as single license Microsoft Excel , in its current version 2019, is...more
Product information "MICROSOFT EXCEL 2019"

Microsoft Excel 2019 as single license

Microsoft Excel, in its current version 2019, is still the unsurpassed spreadsheet software for creating complex commercial and statistical calculations, supplemented by a wide range of functions that also allow logical and mathematical calculations and the use of pivot tables. The results of the analysis can be presented in an informative and clearly arranged manner by means of a wide selection of diagram types. Excel 2019 works together with PowerBI, the powerful business analysis service from Microsoft, which also allows direct export of data to other environments.

With Microsoft Excel 2019, even more extensive or even more complex calculations are possible using extended formulas and new functions for concatenating and selecting data. Important data can be highlighted in color to highlight them. New diagrams offer more options for graphical representation.

The Microsoft Excel Online available for this purpose can be used with all common browsers, allowing the creation of tables and the processing of data in real time as well as sharing with other users. The improved touch support makes it easier to use Excel on even tablets or smartphones.

In addition, new tools such as freehand drawing and improved options for easy creation of accessible tables and workbooks are available.

By using cloud services, sharing documents with other users for collaboration is very easy.

By the way: In order to use Excel 2019 on your computer or any other device, the installation of Windows 10 is required. In the Wiresoft Onlineshop you can get not only the current Word Excel version 2019, but also its predecessor and other Office as single user version, without software subscription. All important new features in Word 2019 you will find in the following overview.

Overview of the new Excel functions of version 2019

Excel 2019 contains not only improvements of the previous version, but also many new features, some of which were previously only included in the Office 365 subscription model - these are now also available in the purchased version.

Specific Excel spreadsheet functions

For linking tables to advanced queries, Excel 2019 has been enhanced with some new practical functions:

  • TEXT CHAIN: At first glance, this function does not appear to offer anything new compared to the previous CHAIN function, but in contrast to this function it is shorter and can be entered more easily. In addition, the TEXT CHAIN function also supports area references, whereas previously only single cell references were possible. This means that TEXTCHAIN can also consider a series of cells or entire columns.
  • The TEXT LINK function allows you to combine text from several areas, with each element separated by a separator specified by the user. For example, words that are divided into cells can be combined to form a sentence.
  • IF: This feature makes it easy to enter complicated IF functions by testing the conditions in the order you specify. The MAXWENNS function specifies the largest number that meets at least one of the criteria within a defined range; the same applies to the MINWENNS function for the smallest number.
  • Clear selection: In earlier versions of Excel, it was not possible to deselect individual cells, rows or columns in a previously selected range. In Excel 2019, users can now deactivate superfluous rows that were selected too much or incorrectly, for example.

Optimizations for PivotTable

PivotTable, the powerful Excel tool for analyzing and evaluating large amounts of data, including the clear presentation of results in documents, has been enhanced in the 2019 version with a number of additional practical functions:

  • Personalized PivotTable Standard Layouts: This feature now allows you to set up a pivot table according to your own individual preferences, including the display of partial results as well as overall results and the desired form of the report layout, and then save these preferences as a standard layout so that it is immediately available the next time you use it.
  • Automatic recognition of relationships: This feature builds on steps commonly used in analyses by automatically creating relationships between tables that have already been used for the data model of a workbook. For example, Excel recognizes when at least two tables need to be linked for an analysis and notifies the user. With a single click, the respective relationships are available.
  • User-defined measures can be created, edited, and deleted directly from the PivotTable field list in Excel 2019.
  • OLAP PivotTables can be created even faster: When using OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) servers for PivotTables, the query is now even faster. This applies not only to the pivot tables connected to Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, but also to other third-party OLAP servers.
  • Intelligent renaming: If the tables and columns of a data model in a workbook are renamed in Excel 2019, Excel automatically updates all corresponding tables and calculations, including all worksheets and DAX formulas, whenever a change is made.
  • Power Query: By optimizing existing and new connectors - such as the connector SAP Hana - data from different sources can be imported even faster and easier into Excel 2019 during ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) processes.

New diagrams and 3D models

For analyses and reports, Excel 2019 now offers a range of additional diagrams and three-dimensional models to cover even more areas in evaluations.

  • Map charts: This new feature in Excel 2019 also allows geographical values to be displayed. Statistical distributions of data can thus be quickly and clearly displayed on a map by area - from global views to geographical regions, from administrative districts to postcodes.
  • Funnel diagrams: This type of diagram can clearly depict the distribution and process data of a process in several phases, for example, in sales processes or customer acquisition.
  • 3D models: New in Excel 2019 are three-dimensional models for the illustration of reports - users can either choose from various immediately available representations, which can also be rotated through 360°, or create them themselves and insert them immediately into a document.
  • Scalable Vector Graphics: SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files offer the advantage that they can be enlarged, reduced or rotated without loss of image quality. The integration of vector graphics in Excel 2019 is therefore particularly practical for presentations.

General functions

In addition to the specific Excel functions, Excel 2019 also offers a number of other features that are also available in other Office.

New options for views and desktop features

  • New designs: The previous designs have now been supplemented in Excel by the themes dark grey and white as well as black. Black offers the strongest contrast.
  • Ribbon User Interface: The so far familiar ribbon display has been combined with the tile look which is typical for the operating system Windows 10. Frequently used elements and functions are prominently placed so that they are available to users more quickly. Of course it is also possible to customize this view and, for example, show only the ribbon look.

Freehand tool for writing and drawing

A number of new freehand functions and effects are now also available in Excel 2019. The new Freehand Drawing tool can be used not only with pen input and touch, but also with the computer mouse to mark areas or to insert and edit formulas or self-drawn diagrams.

  • Digital pens in various thicknesses and colours are available for this purpose: a pencil for drawing, a pencil for writing and the highlighter for highlighting text passages. Metallic pencils and freehand effects such as rainbow, galaxy, lava, ocean, gold, silver and others expand the possibilities when designing.
  • With the Freehand FormulaInsert feature, users can insert even complex mathematical formulas into a workbook.
  • Lasso selection: With the fingertips, a certain area of a freehand drawing can be selected for editing. This is also possible with the Surface pen.

Optimized Accessibility

Excel 2019 also offers improved and new features to optimize content for users with disabilities to read and edit it more easily. The supporting error correction suggests improvements after activation, the following features are integrated among others:

  • Use of internationally valid standards.
  • By clicking on "Check" under "Check Accessibility", the program makes suggestions that can be implemented immediately with a single click.
  • The cue audio function actively supports the user via audio feedback with sound effects and audio hints, e.g. when (unintentionally) changing certain features, or as confirmation when an e-mail is sent, or when content has been deleted or inserted.

Other functions in Excel 2019

Other new functions also make working with Excel even easier in a team:

  • Changes in released workbooks can be displayed and, if necessary, can be undone more quickly; the persons involved are also named.
  • Translator:Translating individual words, passages or entire texts is now even easier in Excel: While users previously had to call up a website via the browser to translate it, this is now possible directly in Excel with the integrated translation function and automatic language recognition. More than 60 languages are available in the Microsoft Translator.
  • The integration of Data Loss Protection (DLP) makes it even easier to comply with data protection rules: content can be searched in real time based on predefined policies for particularly confidential data types, such as account and credit card numbers, etc.

System requirements for Excel 2019

  • Operating system: Windows 10 - absolutely necessary; Windows Server 2019
  • Processor: Min. 1.6 GHz
  • Hard disk space: Min. 16 GB (32 Bit) or 20 GB (64 Bit)
  • Working memory: Min. 2 GB RAM (32 bit) or 4 GB RAM (64 bit) - recommended: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics card: Min 1,280 x 768 pixels, Min DirectX 9 with WDDM 2.0 - recommended: DirectX 10

Buy Excel 2019 as Office single program cheap at Wiresoft

MS Excel is an indispensable, fixed component of the Microsoft Office. At Wiresoft you do not have to purchase the Excel version 2019 as part of the corresponding Office, but you can also purchase the software as a stand-alone program - in contrast to many other software providers.

Your advantage: With the Single User License, you do not have to make a long-term, expensive subscription commitment or accept a time limit on usage. Therefore it is worthwhile to buy Excel 2019 from Wiresoft as a single program, because then you will not have to download any updates with costs.

This stand-alone Excel single-user license has the same functionality as Excel, which is also included in Office Suite 2019. Thus, smaller companies or freelancers can also benefit from the advantages of Excel 2019 and save money - because the single user software is especially inexpensive at Wiresoft.

Not only Excel, but also all other Microsoft software licenses you can buy in the Wiresoft Software Shop are original Microsoft products. Often they come from a volume license or have been released by a company, which neither limits their usability nor enters a legal grey area. With the sale to Wiresoft, the previously installed software was deleted and is therefore free again and can be used by another user. As a serious software reseller, Wiresoft also only offers full versions that are unlimited and 100% usable.

If you have questions about Excel 2019 or another Office, you can also benefit from our competent advice by e-mail, telephone and chat.

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