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Windows 7 Enterprise   Windows 7 in the Enterprise edition is essentially the same...more

Windows 7 Enterprise

Windows 7 in the Enterprise edition is essentially the same as the Windows, the only difference being that Windows 7 Enterprise is available as a volume license and is therefore particularly well suited for large corporate networks. In addition, Windows 7 Enterprise supports the bootability of virtual drives (VHD). This means that Windows 7 Enterprise can also be used on older hardware with little hard disk space and on thin clients.

What does Windows 7 Enterprise offer?

With Windows 7 in the Enterprise Edition, you get an operating system that is perfect for multinational workgroups. The user has 35 language groups available, which can be freely selected at any time - even during operation. And if you're running older programs designed for Windows XP, Windows 7 Enterprise can be started in a special Windows that allows you to run XP-optimized software with ease. The well-known hard disk encryption program BitLocker provides additional security for your company. Virtual drives in VHD format are also supported, allowing a Windows to boot its operating system over the network from a server.

Further features of the Windows

  • Navigation features like Jump Lists, Shake and Snap
  • easy connection to company networks
  • Windows Media Center, which supports all common audio and video formats (HDTV)
  • user-friendly adjustment of the design and the taskbar
  • Indexing of all content enables quick retrieval of photos, documents and websites
  • Quick recovery ("wake up") from power save and sleep mode

System requirements for installing Windows 7 Enterprise 

To use Windows 7 productively, the PC used should have at least one processor (Intel or AMD) with 32 or 64 bit architecture. For the 32-bit version of Windows 7 Enterprise, you should have at least 1 GB of memory (RAM), but 2 GB is better (especially for the 64-bit version). To install, you'll need about 20 GB of available hard disk space and a graphics card that supports DirectX 9. If you want to use XP mode, you will need another GB of RAM and an additional 15 GB on the hard disk.

Windows 7 Enterprise benefits from extended support through 2023

Why should you still buy Windows 7 Enterprise now, when it is known that Microsoft will discontinue support on 14 January 2020? Particularly in larger companies with many PC workstations, upgrading to a newer Windows is a time-consuming and therefore cost-intensive hurdle. In principle, it is true that Windows will no longer receive security updates from Microsoft from the beginning of 2020. However, Windows 7 Ultimate will continue to receive regular updates through an additional support contract called Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU), which will ensure the security of Windows until 2023.

BuyWindows 7 Enterprise online as a download now

As soon as you order the Enterprise edition of Windows 7 online from wiresoft, we will send you a download URL and a suitable installation ID (key) that identifies you as an authorized user for Windows 7 Enterprise. You do not need a data carrier (DVD) for the installation, but can start immediately after ordering and downloading. The extremely low price is explained by the fact that we receive individual licenses from companies that do not need them as part of a total quota. You as a buyer profit from this. The license you receive from us is absolutely legal: You receive a so-called Medialess Licence Kit (MLK licence model from Microsoft). This media-less package (download and key) additionally helps to make the price as low as possible.
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