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Visual Studio is Microsoft's proven integrated development environment for designing and deploying complex enterprise applications for many domains. Especially the Enterprise-Edition of this end-to-end solution convinces with its large selection of tools and features - not only for designing, but also for the ongoing testing of the developed programs - and is therefore especially suitable for larger companies and organizations and therefore also for entire teams of programmers.

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Maximize developer productivity with Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise - available for purchase

Visual Studio is Microsoft's proven integrated development environment for designing and deploying complex enterprise applications across many domains. In particular, the Enterprise edition of this end-to-end solution impresses with its wide range of tools and features - not only for designing, but also for ongoing review of the developed programs - and is therefore particularly suitable for larger companies and organizations and thus also for entire teams of programmers.

Visual Studio Enterprise convinces in the new version 2019 with many improvements in detail as well as also completely new functions, which facilitate the developer everyday life; these include in particular IntelliCode with AI-based solution suggestions and Visual Studio Live Share with practical tools for better collaboration in real-time collaboration.

Furthermore, refactorings and navigation have been improved in Visual Studio Enterprise 2019, as has the debugger, which has been enhanced with several features. And with Live Unit Testing, tests can be run while code is still being written, while Live Dependency Checking ensures code is compatible with each dependency rule in real time.

By purchasing Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise Edition as used software from Wiresoft, users have the great advantage of being able to use this developer software, which is offered by Microsoft exclusively as a volume license, as their own single license on their PC.

In Wiresoft's online store, you can find Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise Edition as well as other Visual Studio editions - in other versions - as single-user purchase versions, which regular retailers usually do not carry as such, as well as many other Microsoft programs. The following overview presents the exclusive features of Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise, as well as all other important functions and features of this version.

Highlights in Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise

Visual Studio 2019, in addition to the previous proven features and tools, naturally also comes up with some practical additions or optimizations of basic functions as well as completely new functions that support developers even better in programming.

  • Git-first workflow: the new start window now provides several new options: First, the option to clone or check out code from a repository is presented, as well as various options to open or create a project.In the course of this, the previous dialog that is launched when a project is created has also been completely revised. The tree structure that used to be displayed on the left is no longer present; it has been replaced by a search field and various filters that allow users to find the desired templates.
  • Code Editor: The color scheme for the IDE can be changed from the Standard color scheme blue to dark, in addition there are new colors for highlighting the syntax: Methods are displayed in bronze, keywords like for, foreach, if etc. in purple etc.
  • PMA (Per-Monitor-Aware) rendering: Whereas previously there were rendering issues when using monitors with different resolutions, for example with remote connections, so that Visual Studio looked blurry or rendered with the wrong scaling, for example, Visual Studio 2019 now provides a PMA-aware application and renders correctly, regardless of the scaling factors used in each case.

New search and filter features

Many familiar search and filter features have been optimized for the Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise release, allowing developers to save even more time and work more efficiently:

  • New search box and search features: The search box previously familiar in Visual Studio now occupies a more central position in the middle of the menu bar. The input field now also has a fuzzy search, i.e. an error-tolerant or fuzzy search that returns results for menu items even if the terms are misspelled. The search also supports options, so that matching hits are displayed directly at the relevant point in the dialog instead of having to click through to them via structures and menus.
  • Search function in debugging: The search for specific names and values includes the debugging windows "Watch", "Locals" and "Auto" to help find specific objects and values. Several levels are included, e.g. also subobjects or lists. In addition, the display of values can also be formatted.
  • Search for references: Here, the search results displayed in a list can be further filtered by specific properties or variables. Depending on whether the search is for read or write actions, "read" or "write" must be entered in the search field.
  • New filter function for project folders: The Solution Explorer in Visual Studio now also offers the option to completely hide individual project files that have been unloaded from view. In addition, the toolbar in Solution Explorer includes buttons to switch from Solution view to Folder view, collapse nodes, and show hidden files, among others.

New refactorings in Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise

C# now offers several new refactorings that make organizing code significantly easier; among other things, members can be moved to the interface or base class, namespaces can be customized to match a specific folder structure, and foreach loops can be converted to LINQ queries. Suitable suggestions are listed in the "light bulb".

Code Cleanup

The feature to automatically reformat source code with Code Cleanup appears in Visual Studio 2019 as a broom icon below the source code editor and is available with a single click. It also takes into account the settings of the .editorconfig files. Code Cleanup also has a new integrity indicator as well as a new command during cleanup to find a group of classic errors. Warnings or suggestions can be displayed with one click and implemented immediately. Frequently applied fixes can also be saved or configured as a profile.

IntelliCode in Visual Studio 2019

IntelliCode is the further development of the previous IntelliSense autocomplete. While this displayed the available properties and methods in each case in an alphabetically sorted list, IntelliCode displays at the top positions those methods and properties that are most likely to come into question and marks them with a preceding asterisk.

The basis of IntelliCode is a Microsoft analysis of over 2,000 open source projects on GitHub, but users can also use their own projects to train IntelliCode to make suggestions based on this. The analysis data is transferred to the cloud for this purpose and processed, but no source codes.

Visual Studio Live Share

Live Share in Visual Studio 2019 allows up to 30 users to collaborate on the same source code base by sharing a code base and its context with other team members. This works because Visual Studio Live Share does not transfer an image, but rather a file tree and context information. This keeps each participant in their familiar environment and allows them to edit specific parts of the source code independently of the host. Live Share also offers the possibility of shared debugging.

Debugging in Visual Studio 2019

Speaking of debugging: The debugger in Visual Studio 2019 now works Enterprise is now twice as fast as in the previous version, while memory consumption when debugging out-of-process C++ applications has been significantly reduced.

  • New property pinning tool: Objects can be identified even more easily based on their properties. To do this, all you need to do is drag the cursor to a specific property in the debugger window or the window for local variables or for automatic tools and click the pin icon: immediately, the corresponding information is displayed there.
  • Data Breakpoints: While Data Breakpoints were only focused on C++ in previous versions, they are also available for .NET Core applications in Visual Studio 2019. As soon as the value of a property changes for a particular object, these break code execution, regardless of where it is. Data breakpoints are great for finding the location where a particular global object is edited, added, or removed.

Xamarin for for mobile developers

Xamarin is now available in Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise. In addition to a space-saving install size of 7 GB instead of the previous 21 GB, Xamarin also offers shorter compile and deployment times for Android. It also includes a property editor for Xamarin.Forms XAML properties and an improved Xamarin.Forms Previewer.

ASP.NET for Web Developers

For ASP.NET applications, the default project template in Visual Studio 2019 is based on ASP.NET Core 2.2. The project template has also been made much cleaner and now creates fewer files.

Exclusive Enterprise features in Visual Studio 2019

Specifically, Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise offers several features not found in any other edition:

  • Snapshot Debugging: This feature allows users to take a snapshot of the active execution of an app to analyze what is happening at a given moment. The snapshot shows the current status of the source code and variables.
  • Time Travel Debugging (TTD): This is an extension of snapshot debugging. With TTD, web applications running on an Azure virtual machine can be recorded during debugging on a remote system, allowing the chronological progression to be examined.
  • Live Unit Testing: Live Unit Testing is useful for testing solution portfolios for .NET Framework or .NET Core. This feature allows you to automatically run unit tests in the background while code is being written. Live Unit Testing also runs dynamic tests whenever code is changed and notifies users immediately if it fails. Results are visualized in real-time, including code coverage.
  • IntelliTrace: This exclusive feature in Visual Studio Enterprise for C#, Visual Basic, and C++ saves debugging time by tracking the progress of code executions. During a debugging session, IntelliTrace continuously records data such as interactions with the system (e.g., clicks, accesses to the system or registry or databases, loading XML documents, starting threads) and calls to methods within the program code. In doing so, users can jump back to individual intermediate stations to see specific values in the history.

System requirements for Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise

The following requirements generally apply to installing Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise, and may be higher in individual cases:

  • Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2012/ 2012 R2 /2016 /2019 /2022
  • Processor: at least 1.8 GHz
  • Memory: min. 2 GB RAM
  • Hard disk space: 130 GB (depending on installed features)
  • Graphics card: min. 1,280 x 720 resolution, recommended 1,366 x 768

Buy Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise cheap individually at Wiresoft in the online store

The Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise Software is normally only offered by Microsoft as a volume license. In the Wiresoft online store you can also buy the Enterprise edition as a single license - at a particularly favorable advantage price as so-called used software.

The single license of Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise Edition that we offer for sale is a component of a previous Visual Studio volume license of a company, which was broken up when it was resold and thereby converted into single licenses, which are then referred to as used software. Neither the splitting nor the designation as used software of this Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise software meant thereby restrictions regarding the functionality.

Software purchase at Wiresoft - always safe for you! This edition of Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise available in the Wiresoft Shop not only convinces its particularly favorable price, but also offers security in the purchase through instant download and activation of the license with the included valid volume license key.

Any purchase of Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise or any other program as used software in Wiresoft Software Shop does not pose any legal problem, because trading with used software is clearly allowed by law, which has been confirmed by numerous legally binding verdicts.

Used software such as Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise Edition as a single license offers our customers an inexpensive way to use exclusive program editions themselves. You too can benefit from our low-priced Microsoft software offer!

In the Wiresoft Software Shop you can find Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise Edition as well as other versions of Visual Studio and other Microsoft programs for immediate download. If you have any questions about Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise or any other Microsoft software, simply use our competent advice in the chat or by e-mail or telephone.

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