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Project 2016 Standard - the single license of the Microsoft project management software as a...more
Product information "MICROSOFT PROJECT 2016 STANDARD"

Project 2016 Standard - the single license of the Microsoft project management software as a purchase version

Project Standard 2016 is the proven Microsoft solution for the planning, deployment, management and documentation of projects in small and medium-sized enterprises: For this purpose, already the Standard edition offers all  necessary basic functions. The use of the project management software is quick and intuitive to grasp, even for new users, as the desktop design of Project 2016 is based on the Office-program Excel.

With Microsoft Project Standard 2016 project managers always have an overview of all current as well as future projects: The integrated tools support secure planning, successful implementation as well as detailed documentation of the progress of all recorded projects. Resources, deadlines and budgets can be analyzed and controlled at any time, and their display as a timeline always provides an up-to-date overview of the progress.

For which users is Project Standard 2016 designed?

The standard edition of MS Project 2016 is tailored to the needs of project managers who mainly develop and manage projects alone, which is particularly the case in SMEs or with self-employed people. For this reason, it does not include synchronization with Microsoft SharePoint or Project Server. However, the features integrated in Project 2016 Standard provide all the necessary functionality including business intelligence tools to handle all typical project management tasks in project planning and management, such as creating project schedules, cost planning, controlling tasks and reporting in all phases.

The single license for Microsoft Project 2016 Standard-Edition is available at Wiresoft particularly favorable as used software in the form of a purchase version, which makes its acquisition easier not only for smaller companies, but also for self-employed persons. It also offers the advantage of running under Windows 7, which does not require the purchase of a newer operating system, but you can also find current versions of this software in addition to other Microsoft Project editions and other applications in the Wiresoft Software Online Shop as used software at favorable conditions. The following overview shows the most important features of the Project 2016 edition Standard.

New features of the Project 2016 Standard version

The Project 2016 Standard Edition offers a familiar desktop view similar to MS Office, which is particularly reminiscent of Excel, so that users can quickly find their way around the menu. Newly integrated is the search function "Tell me what you want to do", which makes it easier to find a specific function. All you have to do is type a search term or a question into the new input field and Project will generate a list of the most suitable solutions, including a description of the procedure, as a response. In this way, the large number of complex functionalities of the program can be managed conveniently from the very beginning. These include new features in Project 2016 as well as enhancements to existing features, such as:

New in Project 2016 Standard: "What-if" analyses

In project management, it is always necessary to obtain reliable forecasts or statements about the course of a project. For this purpose, Project 2016 Standard provides a tool with which users can run through various scenarios in order to identify probable problems such as resource bottlenecks or scheduling difficulties at an early stage, so that sufficient room for manoeuvre remains to develop alternatives or to counteract the respective risks in good time. The "What if" analysis provides various "What if?" scenarios for common problems and suggests solutions.

New in Project 2016 Standard: Resource Management and Team Planner

The new Resource Engagement feature provides additional ways to coordinate planning for the use of various resources. By using the integrated resource pool, these can also be integrated into multiple Project files. This allows bottlenecks to be identified in good time and resource planning to be adjusted accordingly. In addition, the Team Planner is available to coordinate capacities between project and team members.

New in Project 2016 Standard: Multiple timelines

The improved timeline functions offer a more differentiated overview for projects: Project 2016 now makes it possible to create multiple timelines for this purpose, which differ from each other, for example, by the respective focus on certain aspects. Thus, in addition to a timeline that provides an overview of all phases of the project, another view can be used to display a specific phase in more detail within it; by adding further timelines, additional topics or features can be added, so the view "Milestones" is also available. By clicking on the Gantt view, users get direct access to the corresponding settings in the ribbon.

Further features of the Project 2016 Standard Edition for project management

The general goal of the Project 2016 Standard version is, among other things, to keep the creation of new projects as simple as possible with just a few clicks: By default, a neutral Gantt chart with the typical bar display is available as a template. Project data can also be imported from Excel, Word, Outlook or PowerPoint, and it is also possible to export data back from Project, e.g. for a report in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

Subdivision of projects

To structure or display hierarchies in a project, it can be further subdivided into subprojects as a so-called main project in Project Standard 2016. In doing so, both project forms are linked with each other, whereby all information from the main project can also be displayed in a sub-project. This also offers the advantage of being able to delegate tasks for specific sections in a targeted manner, with the lead project manager continuing to have access to and control over all parts of the schedule.

Portfolio management and resource management

A central component of MS Project 2016 Standard is portfolio management with the Microsoft Project Client: this allows the current status of all recorded projects to be checked at any time and to react to possible problems - e.g. in meeting deadlines, bottlenecks in resources, exceeding budget targets, etc.. Depending on the aspect, individual displays or views are also available here.

Closely related to this are the tools integrated in MS Project 2016 Standard integrated tools for targeted resource management to manage the various resource types. MS Project 2016 differentiates these into the areas of "labor", "material" and "costs" - each with their own properties, such as time availability, financial cost limits or utilization of manpower, allowing them to be used even more precisely. These are recorded centrally in the resource pool across all projects, so that they can be better assigned to individual projects and tasks, making it easier to avoid the risk of overload from the outset.

Reporting in MS Project Standard 2016

The creation of meaningful reports is one of the important tasks of project management, in order to document the success of projects, but also their progress and, if necessary, to use them as a basis for future tasks. Microsoft Project 2016 offers various tables, views and report templates for this purpose, for example to be able to compare typical previous baseline plan values - for duration, work, costs start and end dates, etc. - with current plan values, so that deviations can be identified immediately.

Similarly, graphical reports can be created on various aspects; these also offer the option of exporting project data and saving it, for example, in Excel or MS Visio - also as a pivot diagram - for further processing.

Dynamic reports, on the other hand, offer the advantage of direct adaptation to changes in planning. They can also be used in Office applications such as PowerPoint, Word or Outlook.

Burndown reports are an important part of Agile Project Management and are also available in Project 2016 to provide comparisons between planned, remaining, and completed work within a project.

Hardware Requirements for Microsoft Project 2016 Standard

Microsoft Project 2016 Standard is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions - accordingly, different memory requirements apply. When used in conjunction with Microsoft Project Server, additional operating system requirements also apply. Project 2016 supports multi-touch displays from Windows 8 and is also suitable for mobile use on an iOS or Android end device.

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7 or higher
  • Supported server operating systems: Windows 10 Server, Windows Server 2012 R2,
  • Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012
  • Processor: x86 with at least 1 GHz; x64 with at least 2 GHz, SSE2
  • Memory: 1.0 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2.0 GB RAM (64-bit)
  • Hard disk space: 3.0 GB
  • Resolution: 1,024 x 768 pixels
  • Graphics card: DirectX 10

Buy MS Project 2016 Standard as used software at Wiresoft at a low price

The MS Project 2016 Standard Edition Is offered in the Wiresoft online shop as used software of a single user license - at a price that is significantly cheaper than new - without the renaming means any restrictions in the range of functions, because software is not subject to wear and tear.

The designation of this Single User License of MS Project 2016 in Standard Edition as Used Software is done by breaking up a volume license of this program previously used in a company and converting it into single licenses Also, breaking up the underlying volume license does not negatively impact any restrictions, or means a legally unauthorized transaction, because the Microsoft Project 2016 Standard license offered here by Wiresoft as well as all other licenses of Microsoft used software originate from companies located in the EU, so that the case law applicable in the EU applies, which clearly states that the trade in such used software constitutes a legal transaction. This was also clearly confirmed by various court rulings, so that any liability risks for you as a buyer are reliably excluded, while Wiresoft used software is also audit-proof due to the complete documentation of the buyer or seller. In addition to its significantly reduced price, the purchase version offers the further advantage of its unlimited usability, as no further subscription costs are incurred.

For all these reasons, buying software with Wiresoft is always a safe deal for our customers, offering only advantages! When purchasing a license of MS Project 2016 Standard you benefit not only from the advantageous price but also from the security provided by the instant download including the valid volume license key for immediate license activation.

The purchase of used software licenses such as MS Project 2016 or other software therefore offers you the opportunity to use exclusive and in the usual trade not available, newer as well as older Microsoft program editions themselves. So you can find in Wiresoft software shop for used software also other Microsoft applications that are compatible with MS Project 2016 Standard, such as Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. If you have any questions about MS Project 2016 Standard or any other Microsoft program offered, just use our competent advice in chat or by e-mail or phone.

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